Peaches Prattlings

{August 26, 2016}   A difference of opinion…can a friendship survive it?

Especially when it comes to politics.

They say among friends, you should never discuss politics, religion or abortion. Is that true?
I am a Democrat… You are a Republican… or an Independent…or a Libertarian…or whatever your political affiliations are…We’re best friends.  

We’ve had some pretty intense discussions about politics, but now the election rolls around and it gets heated. We’re both passionate about what we believe in, I mean really passionate. 

We all do this..we discuss, we talk, we shout, but we aren’t going to make the other person see it from our point of view.

I was having a heated discussion with someone once, more like he was getting louder and louder and…I finally looked at him and said “the louder you get, the more clear your point does not get”.

Have you seen the mess on Facebook? True colors coming out, some not very pretty. 

Politics is an interesting  animal. 

So…Can our friendship survive?


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