Peaches Prattlings

{August 17, 2016}   Happy birthday SDL!!!

One of my most favorite people in the world is celebrating her birthday today…SDL!

SDL and I met in 1998. OMG, really? We’ve known each other for almost twenty years!! Can you believe it?!

We met when SDL was working on her undergraduate degree and I was starting my graduate program at Georgia State University. We took quite a few classes together and ended up becoming friends. 

There was a.period of about five years thar we saw each other once or twice but then one year we reconnected at a going away party for her coworker who was my neighbor’s son and it was back on! And we’ve been friends ever since. 

We’ve hung out, gone out, stayed out, traveled together, taken care of each other, I used to take care of her furry babies and plants when she’d travel, man,  there are a lot of plants! 

She was there for me through some really bad times and good times. I ask remember the day she stated talking about the adoption process and everything in between to the day Miss A came home. I even got a speeding ticket taking her and DJL to the airport for that trip!

I mentioned taking classes together,  they were art classes.  This woman is an amazing artist, you pick a medium, she’s excelled at it! Pottery, sketching,  oil, acrylic, you name it…I was even lucky enough to receive one of my favorite pieces of hers as my 40th birthday gift! Talk about photography, I remember that she was one of the last people I knew who liked to develop their own film. So incredibly talented.

She’s an amazing mother to watch, I love seeing her with Miss A, the relationship is incredible, tender, firm, loving, silly and wonderful. 

I love spending time with my friend, she is a trip, steadfast, opinionated, goofy, smart, funny and true. I look forward to the next adventure with this woman. 

Happy birthday SDL, rock it!


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