Peaches Prattlings

{August 6, 2016}   A better day and a homecoming

MGS is definitely on the mend, happy about that!

We all are! Apparently she woke Papa up at 6am because she wanted to take her medicine,  good girl! Then they all went back to sleep,  well, Papa and LaLa did, MGS went down stairs and watched tv.

I ran some errands this morning eventually when I got up, after I convinced the cats to stop trying to wake me every hour starting at 6am…then back to GES’ to hang with MGS, dad and LaLa.

Then I headed to the airport to pick up GES and ACS. Now, when I was leaving, LaLa asked MGS who I was going to pick up and her first thought was EJS! “EJS? Oh! I get to see my sister!” So cute!

I picked up my sister and brother-in-law from their trip from Iceland and Copenhagen,  they had an amazing time! Sounds fabulous! We might be following in their footsteps,  who knows. 

They brought all of us treats and what did I get? Some fabulous seasoning and…she fed into my addiction…a bag! Wahoo!

MGS is better, welcome home GES and ACS. 


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