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{August 5, 2016}   First strep test…poor little bit

That first strep test, blech!

Oh my…what a day we had! It didn’t start so great. Last night I got to my sister’s house and MGS was already asleep, but over the course of the night she kept waking up,  she was a little warm to the touch and had the sniffles.

This morning she didn’t have a fever, a little tummy ache, didn’t want to eat breakfast,  but still wanted to go to camp. 

We got a text from GES about 1045 this morning, who happens to be in Copenhagen this week…she got a call from camp, MGS is running a fever and we need to pick her up and bring her home. Ok…off to camp we go. 

We pick her up, bring her home, give her some lunch and about 2pm we headed out to see the doctor. 

In the exam room we met with a great NP, Nurser Practioner, named Lauren who asked a lot of questions and some of the answers were great…”did anything else hurt?” “My brain”, priceless!

Based on her answers, the NP came up with the same suggestion as GES, strep. Hey, a mother knows…

So, being that MGS has never had strep,  this would be her first throat culture. I’m sure just about everyone reading this has had a strep test at least once in their lives. You know, the q-tip at the back of the throat and the nasty gag…let’s just say it did not go over well. 

After a while she had calmed down and the results were in, positive for strep. So…off to CVS for medicine, Gatorade and treats for being a trooper!

I’m happy to say that when I left tonight she was doing much better! Thank goodness. 

Feel better MGS


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