Peaches Prattlings

{August 2, 2016}   A flight…work…first day of school…mani…dinner…football

Yup, that was just today. 

I got to sleep in, ha ha. The alarm went off at 545am, normal weekday alarm. I snoozed until the backup 6am, for a Monday morning,  when I’ve had to get up at 4am, this was sleeping in!

Showered,  dressed,  kisses and hugs for Miss A and SDL, then off to the airport with a quick stop for petrol. Return the car, drop the bags and head to security. Surprisingly, it was relatively painless. I was early, but that have me time to pick up breakfast and get settled on the plane. Uneventful flight, whew. 

Head to the office,  work,  prep for my new class tomorrow, lunch with LJ, prep, work, meeting,  done for the day, ahh…

Somewhere in all of that, my big girl granddaughter, LB, had her very first day of kindergarten. When I talked to her on Friday, she was nervous, today…piece of cake, she loved it and she’s ready for tomorrow. Now, her little sister didn’t feel the same, she missed her big sis!! I’m very proud of her! Go LB!

LJ and I left the office, went to my hotel to drip my stuff and then headed out to have some pampering, a much needed mani. Let’s just say the trip there was not so great, awful Uber experience, but it’s over, let’s see how Uber handles it. 

The mani was great! It was vegan and organic and the best part…inexpensive for a mani! Looks good too! I didn’t even know that a mani or pedi could be non-vegan!

Hungry! Time for dinner. We went to The Handlebar,  a vegan friendly restaurant I had heard about. Let’s just say…just because it’s vegetarian or vegan, doesn’t mean it needs over spicing to make it taste good!  My mouth was on fire! No thanks!!

Off to the hotel, as I unpack I turn on the TV and I find one of my favorite movies was on, The Replacements. For those of you who know me, you know that I don’t know football or that in not that interested in sports. But,  you also know that I enjoy many sports movies, football for one and I just love this one! I took a minute to sit down and watch the last thirty minutes. Man,  I love that movie!

Now,  I’m talking to you, chilling out, watching Air Force One, great action,  love Harrison Ford, pretty good way to end the day, wouldn’t you say?


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