Peaches Prattlings

{July 31, 2016}   A visit, a baby shower and a snuggle

It was another good day. 

I got up and looked in and KS was gone already so I flipped on the bed and chatted with RJS and the cats in her room for a while. Then it was out to the living room for coffee and tea for more talking and snuggling with the cats. 

Then off for some breakfast and Old Navy,  she loved everything I got so we went in search of treats. She did get a fabulous shirt that was very her. Off to Target, I needed a baby shower gift. 

The request was for books, diapers and wipes, done! I even got a book for the big brother to be! One of the books was The Ugly Duckling, the cool thing is it was in English and Spanish. I was inspired to get SDL The Three Little Pigs, since she’s prepping for a trip in the fall to a Spanish speaking county. 

Of to the baby shower for CC, she looks and feels great! It was a very nice shower,  we played one game, but I enjoyed how we started. We all talked about how we met CC and one thing we love about her. That was very sweet and touching, really nice to hear what everyone else had to say. 

It was a nice shower,  everyone was very nice and I got to meet CC’s sister,  who’s been in the states for a while. 

We played one game, then we all wrote something cute on a diaper for her to look at when she’s changing diapers. 

After the shower, went to SDL’s, waited for SDL, Miss A and DJL. Dinner and then bath time while I drove DJL home,  back to the house and snuggle with Miss A, talking talking to SDL while Miss A feel asleep.

This is my favorite time, just the three of us,  talking, snuggling and just enjoying each other’s company. 

Now,  talk to you then crash,  alarm is going off early!


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