Peaches Prattlings

{July 16, 2016}   A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at the office

Isn’t that what they say? Well, if you all me, it’s true! Good thing I’m moving to an island! 

Today was a good day at the beach, better than a walk in the park, sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

I talked to GES the other day and she said they might be going to the beach and she’d let me know when they would be heading out. I got a text this morning and away I went. 

JK’s mom, he’s a friend of ACS, has a house in Nantasket a block from the beach, paradise. I got there,  changed into my suit and headed down to the beach and surprised EJS and MGS.

There was laughing, silliness, splashing, boogie boarding, body surfing, shell hunting, foot burying, walking, napping, running from the waves, jumping into the waves, hanging out, talking and having a great time. 

There is great people watching at the beach, we saw families, teenagers, old, young, silly, goofy, even what someone called the beached whales! These are a group of, let’s just say round, older women who line up their chairs to face the sun and their skin looks like tanned leather,  you know they’ve been doing this for centuries! and every once in a while they get up two to three at a time to put their feet in and splash water on themselves. 

It’s a really nice beach, the water is clear, the people are nice and it’s not too crowded. 

I think I’ve told you how my brother-in-law knows a lot of people, right? He’s from Massachusetts, went to summer camp in Massachusetts and went to UMASS for college. 

That being said, he runs into people he knows everywhere. He and GES went for a walk and ran into three people he knew, either from camp or college. JK went to the same camp,  that’s how they met, so you can imagine what it’s like!

We even got to see a family we became friends with that we met at Atlantis so many years ago! That was fun, the kids have gotten so big!

GES and I finally packed it in scout 5pm, went back to the house to take showers and hung out on the porch while we waited for everyone else. It was nice sitting on the front porch watching and saying hello to everyone walking home from the beach. 

Everyone else got there about 630, took quick showers and we headed out to get some dinner. We chose a place on the water, it was lovely.  As we are getting out food, the manager asks if my brother-in-law is ACS, turns out…they went to camp together! Go figure! Then a couple walked by who used to live next door to him growing up! Seriously people,  what are the odds?

After dinner, a quick trip to Old Navy, then time to say goodnight.

And that is what I will say to you. Goodnight. 


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