Peaches Prattlings

{June 24, 2016}   Sharing the vegan love

I know you know in a vegan,  my friends and colleagues know,  but it’s not something I push on anyone.

There are jokes about vegans out there “How do you know someone is a vegan? The tell you in the first five minutes of meeting them!” Ha ha, very funny.  Well that’s not me. I like being vegan, but I don’t push it on anyone and I would never force anyone to be vegan. But if you have questions or want to know something, I’ll answer as best I can.

Most people find out I’m vegan when they make restaurant suggestions and I have to tell them my criteria. My coworkers have been great at our get togethers, always making sure I can get something when I’m there, I appreciate it so much. Don’t think my friends aren’t the same way!

Sometimes when I am having a conversation about it someone will say “oh, I want to try it,  but I don’t think I could do it”, “I want to go vegan cold turkey”, so to speak. I’m happy to share knowledge,  even recommendations. Sometimes it’s just, “do to want to taste what I’ve got?”

I’m always honest about what I think is good, I’ll tell you if it’s passable, I don’t think all vegan is awesome.  Do you remember me telling you about the cheese that smelled like feet? See,  honest!

And that happened at work this week. One of my new coworkers said she wants to go vegan. Ok…Tuesday she went with me and we had vegan for lunch at a place I like, and it’s the only vegan place near the training site. She loved what she tried,  she was blown away!

Yesterday, I took two of my new coworkers to the vegan place,  they were amazed! So was I! I had a new item on their menu and it was awesome! A kale salad with Seiten “chicken”. Wow! Guess what! My third new coworker wants to join us tomorrow! Suweet!

I’ll let you know how it goes!



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