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{June 21, 2016}   A reunion and Second City!

Today I saw a friend from college and went to see The Second City company!

JO’S is a friend from college who I haven’t seen in about 23 years! She happened to be coming to Chicago and check to see if I would be available.

As it turns out,  tonight worked for both of us and…she had reservations at Second City, the improve repot troupe. This is something I have  always wanted to see! Some amazing talent came out of there! John Candy, Gilda Radner, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtin, just to name a few.

I left my hotel to pick her and her friend/co-worker, then headed to Second City. We didn’t have time to get some food before, they have a kitchen,  so we decided to eat there.

After we got into the club,  found out that the kitchen was having problems, so no food,  what? I never got to stop and get something after the airport, so I haven’t really eaten since I left Hawaii, um, I’m a little hungry! Oh well.

The show was great! Is improv, so it’s always hit or miss. It took a minute to build, then…bam! There were still some things that were like “huh?”, there were things that were specific to Chicago and sports,  didn’t help me,  ha ha. There was topical and typical  [typical was actually a typo, but it fit!] political humor,  some racist humor,  it may have gone too far,  but who am I to say about what’s funny to others. Besides, I think I’m hysterical, so there you go! Let’s just say,  my cheeks still hurt from laughing.

After the regular performance, they try out new material. Let’s just say…keep rehearsing…they did try out something new with an audience member and it was great! One of the players only spoke Spanish and the volunteer they got spoke Spanish, which they didn’t know when they brought her up,  or did they…she translated for both players on stage,  very funny.

After the show we were ‘starvin’ like Marvin’ and I don’t know about them,  but my head was about to explode! so we went across the street to the pub for grub.

Let me just tell you,  catching up was fabulous! I can’t believe it’s been 23 years! Oh, we stalk on Facebook so we have an idea of things, and she reads my posts, thank you! But in person, amazing. We couldn’t stop talking! I know “what? JJ not stop talking? Impossible!”

We talked family, work, lives, travel and does she get to travel for work! Oh my! She and her friend arrange conferences [I hope I remembered correctly! And they are global! Then we talked day to day, cars, shopping, like we has just seen each other last week, so comfortable, really nice.

I hope we’re able to keep the promise to not wait 23 years to see each other again!


Best quote of the night “Sometimes you just have to laugh, it’s good for the soul”. No truer words could be said…especially at a comedy club!


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