Peaches Prattlings

{June 19, 2016}   Happy birthday CKM!

Another year older and a great reason to celebrate! It’s CKM’s birthday!

Let me tell you about my friend,  CKM…

We met about nine years ago,  at JFT’s house,  just before I separated and got divorced from the wasband.  She was friends with a friend of mine and the three of us started spending time together, I even filled in for her at her job when she went out for surgery.

We started hanging out more and more, doing fun stuff, volunteering for events,  movies,  shows,  even taking some weekend trips.

We’ve been through a lot together over the years, been there for each other, probably she’s there for me more than the other way around, I’ve had quite the ride over the last few years. Very happy to have that!

We’ve experienced a lot of new, odd and exciting experiences over the years and it’s been a fun and interesting ride.

She works too hard,  she currently has four jobs, partly because she enjoys them and partly because she has a good heart and has a hard time saying no, especially to a friend.

One of her important jobs right now, which is so important to me, is helping SDL with Miss A while she’s in an EMBA program. Is that cool beans or what?

She is a fantastic photographer, a creative artist, creative cook, open to trying some things and unfortunately for her, hanging out with SDL and me, her language has gotten more colorful, sorry CKM.

Her birthday and holiday gifts are always creative and spot on, so much fun to get. I love planning things with her, for us, each other or others. 

Speaking of planning,  she’s an event planner and an extraordinary one! There are times she knows my schedule better then I do! I always say that if I win the stupid lottery, I would hire her as my personal event planner!

I hope she has the best birthday ever, she deserves nothing but the best! Xoxo



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