Peaches Prattlings

{June 5, 2016}   We have a thespian in the family !

Tonight was the third time I have seen EJS perform on stage. And it was fabulous!

She is in a theater  program called show stoppers. They have been rehearsing for the last few months every Sunday. It paid off!

Today was the production of Beauty and  the Beast. EJS played two roles: Nadia the Knife and a wolf. As Nadia the Knife,  she was part of the kitchen numbers, even had lines! Oh, and fabulous jazz hands,  great expressions.
As a wolf there was great clawing.

We were all blown away by the quality of the performance. There was some really strong talent in the leads and the supporting cast was great. Every supporting player had at least 2-3 lines, it was terrific.

The entire show was about an hour and dine just to script.  It made me want to watch the animated feature. Some people in the audience were singing along with the numbers, that was fun.

I didn’t know who else would be in it, but it was fun seeing people I knew who had kids in the show. The bigger surprise was song PSM’s aunt and uncle! Their grandkids were in the show,  H&M T, so of course they were there. It felt good telling them how PSM is doing and they are coming to Hawaii next March, how fantastic!

After the show,  we went back to GES and ACS’ house,  B&S M came,  with banana bread,  per EJS’ request and we had breakfast for dinner to celebrate. 

At some point it was time to go,  I had a flight to catch!

EJS was great and had a terrific time, I’m so proud of her…I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!





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