Peaches Prattlings

{May 29, 2016}   Memorial Day Weekend…ch-ch-ch-changes

So,  over the past few years Memorial Day weekend has been interesting, to say the least.

Well,  years ago,  when I still lived in Georgia, Memorial Day weekend was for the Blue Ridge Arts Festival in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sometimes it involved a weekend stay, sometimes just a day. 2003, it involved a bringing a brand new six week old kitten home!  That would be Jymy.

Sometimes it would also involve a trip with the kids for tubing in Helen, GA.

Four years ago, this weekend, I got Annie 2!! I had been looking for her for a long time and I found her! The dealer even let me take her home for the weekend while I decided if I definitely wanted the car [ha ha] and worked on financing. I said yes on the Monday of the weekend. Ahhh…Happy.

Three years ago I packed up my house, and a moving truck with A Lot of help and headed for them thar hills and ended up at the foot of the Flat Iron Mountains. Unloaded the truck, with a lot less help and started a new life in Colorado.

Two years ago I got home on a Friday from my week at work in Michigan and spent the weekend packing my things, to be loaded into a storage unit and ended my new life in Colorado. Well,  not ended,  that sounds so harsh! Just started a new chapter, visiting instead of living there full time and it’s been good,  I visit my storage units when I go skiing or to visit Colorado.

Last year was good experience, I spent it with PSM and my family. I went to “Lobstahfest” at my sister’s house and enjoyed the Spring in Boston. This year I’m with family again,  although no PSM, he’s off in paradise somewhere…boo hoo. I’ll be there next year,  no complaining!

I think low key holiday weekends are the way to go! I hope you enjoyed yours!



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