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{May 9, 2016}   Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday

Today is that very special day that we honor our mothers.

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We are young, old, every color of the rainbow.  We give birth, we adopt, we marry and become step parents. Our children are two legged human, three and four legged furry. We are teachers, care givers, role models, guardians, playmates, disciplinarians. If we’re very lucky,  one day we become grandmothers.

Each mother is unique in her own way.

Our mom was an amazing woman. She was giving, loving, silly, serious, smart, sarcastic, cultured, a foodie who could go out for fine cuisine on Monday and a pb&j on Tuesday. Breakfast for dinner, experiments for new dishes. 

When I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian, she was great,  always looking for new recipes to try,  even going so far as to make two meals,  one for me and one for everyone else or one for the two of us and one for my dad and sister.

She and dad made us the best birthday parties, an amazing hostess for holiday, family and everyday gatherings. She was the inspiration for the parties I did for my kids and my sister does for EJS and MGS.

I remember getting an email from my daughter thanking me for so much and the memories of those birthdays. I know the girls will remember the parties their mom threw for them. I know we all do!

I know I’ve told you about my amazing sister, one of the most fantastic mothers I know. To watch her each year as she grows as a woman and a mother is a joy, treat and an honor. I know our mom is proud of her, I know I am.

I had a wonderful treat for Mother’s Day myself or should I say treats. The day started with brunch with my sister and brother-in-law, just the three of us, so nice. Then there were hugs and kisses from MGS and EJS.


I also received some fantastic presents. Pictures made by EJS and MGS, photos they selected, a beautiful Chinese ink drawing by my dad and the other day, pictures from Baby A and his sister ELB.




The next amazing and wonderful thing that happened to me was when I was at the airport. I’ve told you here and there about my daughter TH and her brother CH.

TH’s birthday is today and every year, I send her a birthday message and today was no different. Well, what was different is that I found out she was married a few months ago. She’s now THL, I’m very happy for her,  she seems very happy, which means everything to me. 

What made me need a box of kleenex is what she said next. She is going to be a mother and she wants me to be a part of her child’s life. One of the things I always hoped when I was with her dad, helping to raise her, was to one day share in her joys of being a mother and my dreams is going to come true, my baby is having a baby. I’m tearing up writing this.

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mothers out there. To those I know and love, admire and cherish, women I am honored to call family, SDL, LBK, TS, JCT, DL, CC, LGR, KWH, KAB, CS, SV, CGS.

Happy Mothers Day LaLa!

And happy mother’s day to you my friends and family,  you are all fabulous and wonderful and I love you all!


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