Peaches Prattlings

{May 4, 2016}   Happy Hour and Dinner

It wad a good day, ended very nicely.

After a good day of training, I joined the team for happy hour at a bar near the office.  It was great,  I met more people, got to know others better and blend in even more.

Our numbers started to dwindle and eventually,  there were just a few of us left. MS, the implementation lead and very smart man who brought me on to the project, and I left to get some dinner.

We went to a great place called La Scarola, It is an Italian restaurant, two rooms, but small almost hole on the wall feeling. The place was packed and the got us at one of the last tables in the corner in front of the window.

It was a little get to know each other, what are my goals, where to you see yourself, that sort of thing.  Then it was families,  travel,  life outside of work,  quite enjoyable. It’s nice when you have the opportunity to get to know someone one on one,  away from everything else, better working relationship.

We had grilled calamari, I ate some, it was really good, but I think that might be it for me for calamari. It was Italian and I went for it,  eggplant parmigiano, fabulous mistake! So good, but so bad. I couldn’t finish any of it,  the portions were huge! Looking for someone who might be hungry today!

By the time we finished it was about ten pm, time to catch a cab and head back to our respective domiciles.

I put on my jammies and started talking to you and let’s just say I was so tired I dozed off a few times trying to finish!

But I did it and now…zzzzzzz


PS…Maybe the fourth be with you!


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