Peaches Prattlings

{April 30, 2016}   A crazy, wonderful at home day.

Back to life on the road…ahhh…

When you’re a road warrior, as it were, meaning that you are on the road each week,  for some it’s one or a few days a week, for me, as you know, it’s 100%, Monday thru Thursday or Friday and depending on the training or go-live schedule, it could be weeks in a row.

That being said, when you’re on the road that much, your home time is precious,  you want to get things done and you seem to jam a lot of stuff in a short amount of time,  you get good at it.

Today, I thought…I was at least going to get to sleep in, after the first week on the project, I could have used it. Well, what I thought and the fur beasts thought was different. It was barely 6am…really? Sigh

I got up and protested by not getting out of bed until at least 7:30/8am, so there, take that! I got up,  gathered all items for laundry, I didn’t think it was going to be that much,  but someone..not saying who,  Jymy or Peanut…puked on my blankets, ick.

Laundry collected, check. I bought this giant rolling suitcase when I was in Colorado to bring stuff back and let me tell you, keeping it! It’s perfect to get my laundry, including blankets to the laundromat. Yessireeebob!

First order of business…food. I have no eggs in the house, so to the local diner I go,[ after a stop at the drug store to pick up a prescription. [IF I didn’t have insurance it would have been over $1000! Omg!]. Then breakfast. While eating, got some work done,  gotta fit it in somewhere!

After breakfast head back to the apartment to pick up the laundry and head to the washers.  The place was packed! I missed out on the giant washers,  so two medium washers. One giant dryer and one medium. Two hours later I was done,  the comforter took forever!

I took a picture of a set of socks GES got me for Chanukah. One of the women on the team had a shirt on that almost matched.  Then we showed off our socks,  it was goofy, I know! So, I sent the picture to her!


What did you think this post a about with a picture of socks

Back home, drop off laundry, grab grocery bags, head to the store. Eggs: check, litter: check, other stuff I don’t really need: check!

Back to the house, clean, clean, clean: litter box, bathroom,  vacuum, bedroom.  Clean…ahhh… somewhere in there I made egg salad and veggies chicken salad, fabulous!

All of a sudden it was 7pm and time to meet GES, ACS and some other friends to break Passover. What does that mean? Bread!!! Pasta! Bread!!! It was a lot of fun,  always it,  friends out, grownup conversation and silliness.

Back to the apartment, thinking about putting the laundry away and what I might need to pack for the week. Washing and folding is easy..putting away is hard! [Same thing for the dishwasher!]

Now,  I am writing you and shortly, I will settle in, turn off the lights, watch Netflix until I fade out completely! Tomorrow is another day, heading back out to the client site.  Who wants to come with me?


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