Peaches Prattlings

{April 29, 2016}   A travel day treat!

Today was a travel day,  heading back to Boston.

My very dear friend RJS was traveling to Chicago this weekend for a conference and we realized we would be like ships passing in the night, my flight was leaving at 3:30pm and she was getting in at 4pm.

As I go to the airport I got notice that my flight was delayed, guess who I texted first! Perfect, she was just landing!

She came into another terminal and decided to come my way and hang out with me while I waited for my flight.  Fabulous!

We found each other, hugged a bunch then went to get something to seat,  tea and fruit tarts, yum! Not to worry my Passover following friends,  I only ate the fruit and custard. Tee hee hee. Guess who got to eat the crust, lucky girl!

This visit was fantastic and made my wait all the better! Ah…

I hope you have the best time RJS!!



Anisa says:

A travel delay that ended up being a good thing – you don’t hear about that too often!

I know! So rare, you have to appreciate every one! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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