Peaches Prattlings

{April 24, 2016}   PSM’s whirlwind weekend! Started strong and never stopped!

I know everyone wants to be me, I think PSM really tried this weekend! And what a weekend!

It started Friday morning when he arrived from Hawaii at 9am and went from there.  I surprised him at the airport, a quick breakfast reunion, he went off to see his  office and coworkers in Boston, then take care of something at his house, then to GES’ house to help set up and then participate in first night of Passover.

After clean up and goodnights, off to his brother’s house to spend the night and Saturday with his brother, sister-in-law and  nephew, and their dog,  Chelsea of course. After a nice relaxing day, there was breakfast, catching up,  business, looking at photos of family and a quick nap for him,  we were off to his family’s Passover seder.

Another rousing, exciting and enjoyable eveningwith family. Then…after clean up, back to my sister’s house for the night. I snuck into the girls rooms for goodnight kisses and we helped set the house back to order after the second seder at GES’ house.  Then we sat down to talk and tell jokes for a while, laugh until we cried and then off to  sleep, another big day ahead!

Today,  we got up, said good morning and goodbyes to my family and headed towards PSM’s extended family,  his crazy group of friends. G&JB had offered their place when I emailed the group about having a brunch for PSM, who they all call Boo.

Everyone came and brought something for brunch and GB was the omelet master! They even made order forms,  it was great! It wad funny when they thanked me me for giving them an excuse to get the house ready for spring/summer!

There was food, drink, laughter, fun,  frivolity and fire! They have a great fire pit in the backyard and since it was cold,  they threw a few things,  besides wood onto the fire, including some old Christmas trees,  which take off like crazy!

We really had a great time,  people stayed for a long time, one by one, families had to leave for soccer and softball and…what a great, fabulous and special time.  They really do love “their Boo”. Someone was laughing because they tried to come up with a cute nickname putting our names together and all she cane up with was Joo, ha ha, back to the drawing board!

We left about 5pm and headed to my place to check on the cats, return the rental car and on to a hotel for hotel last night in town,  just the two of us…sigh.

So,  what do you think? Was he trying to be like me and have a whirlwind weekend? I was right there with him! And I loved every minute of it! Now we need a nap!


That is a burning Christmas tree.


A fabulous omelet


Our view for the night


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