Peaches Prattlings

{April 23, 2016}   Chag Semeach…second night of Passover

Another rousing success.

Today we hung out with PSM’s brother’s family,  then went to his aunt and uncle’s house for their family seder.

It’s great getting to experience other people’s traditions. PSM’s family was raised more conservative than my family and their seder was a little different,  it followed more traditional lines,  there was more Hebrew and more singing, and more singing in Hebrew. everyone read from the haggadah, something I like that we do as well,  everyone participates, that is very important.

What was not different in any way was the amount of food, the noise level, the kids, both children and adults were rowdy and out of hand here and there, which,  it turns out, is very common.  Don’t believe me,  check out people’s posts on Facebook!

Everyone is always so accommodating to my special dietary needs.  PSM’s Auntie L made me special soup and a stuffed acorn squash, oh my! And thank you so very much!

Everyone there is so kind,  caring and welcoming,  I feel like part of the family, we had only been dating a few months last year when he invited me to be a part of hours families second night seder, I was touched and this year it was even more familiar,  thank you!

Some families will celebrate the first two nights and the last two nights. We are done! We will keep kosher and follow the dietary rules, for the most part,  for the next 6 nights, but our seder days are over,  for this year at least.  I look forward to seeing what next year holds!



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