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{April 14, 2016}   Waffle House…GA511 Hero…Dinner

Another jam packed day!

The day started early,  but that meant breakfast! And breakfast in the south means…Waffle House! The All-Star Breakfast. What could be better? Nothing!


On the way home we stopped by the package store,  ST needed some supplies for the weekend and I picked up a few things for some people I know, wink wink. After we got back to the house,  I packed up my stuff, loaded the car and headed to Starbucks to get some work done for a few hours.

On the way to pick up RJS for our dinner date with JCT, I had something happen for the first time ever. I ran out of gas! On the highway! I knew I needed gas yesterday and thought I’d get it today and totally forgot. So, all of a sudden the car starts stalling, duh! I managed to get the car from the hammer lane to the right shoulder! Whew!

I called ST and he reminded me about GA511, they send the State Farm HERO units out.  They asked where I was,  that was easy! Mile maker 111 in 85S. Could I have stopped in a more perfect spot??


The truck arrived and the hero himself,  so to speak,  put one gallon of gas in the car and made me feel better,  he did the same thing himself last week!


After my hero left,  ha ha, I found a station,  got gas and headed to pick up RJS. We had a bit of traffic to sit in,  so lots of time to catch up!

We made it to dinner, had a great time with JCT, laughing,  catching up,  we’ve known each other, this October, 7 years! Wow! We met on the same day on a new project and became instant friends,  we met ST on that project as well. Pretty cool,  huh?

After dinner, I drove RJS home and we caught up some more,  talked plans and dresses and stuff. Eventually I realized it was late and headed to JCT’s house for more catching up, just the two of us.

When I got there,  she gave me the new “sleep” hat her mom made me,  totally rad!!! Don’t you just love it! Mom rocks!

Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to make something like this!


I love being spoiled by two amazing moms! JCT’s and SDL’s, they make me feel like one of theirs,  thank you!

And now my friends,  it is time for sleep.  Repacking in the morning and off to the airport for the next great adventure! Thanks everyone for making this week fabulous!!!

And a very happy happy birthday to one of my best friends! MM! live it up,  it’s your day! Xoxo


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