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{April 13, 2016}   Another fabulous day! Special Olympics, lunch and a visit

Another awesome,  jam packed day.  What else is new? I’m in Atlanta.

The day started early, the exterminator was coming, about 8am, I set the alarm, but that didn’t matter, I was up about 630am. Shower,  dress, make the bed and downstairs to have a cup of tea, ahhh.

SDL and I then took off for Miss A’s big event.  Special Olympics for the grade schools in her school’s county.


There was shot put, long jump and a race.  Ribbons all around, did you expect anything less? Me neither!

After Miss A headed back to school, SDL and I headed to get some lunch, a rare treat since it was just the two of us, it was fun to catch up and be able to get in and out in about an hour.

After we got back to the house, we hugged,  said goodbye for now and I headed out to ST’s house,  found the key he left for me and settled in,  very nice to let me do laundry.

I caught up on some work, emails and got to catch up with HH, then ST got home and we caught up. A while later, his girlfriend, TWD, arrived and I got to meet her for the first time. We already knew a lot about each other,  we were excited to meet in person.

I’ve told you that ST is my “work husband”, that means he’s one of my closest friends and so,  getting together with his girlfriend would either be great or a disaster. Let’s just say, within three minutes we agreed, if it didn’t work out between them, she and I would be together! ‘Nuff said!

After a very fun dinner, we went to her place to meet her mom and her furry babies,  then she drove us back to ST’s, we hung out and talked about music and then she had to head home before she turned into a pumpkin, 4 am wakeup, my hero!

After she left, we watched Pixels, I got to talk to PSM and then it was bedtime for bonzo.

All in all,  another great day! What’s tomorrow’s adventure? I’ll keep you posted!

Happy happy 16th birthday KK!!!!


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