Peaches Prattlings

{April 12, 2016}   Another full day…go figure!

I started at one end of Atlanta and ended up on the other side.

I spent the night at LBK’s, got to see her for a few minutes before she had to go back to work then drove AK to get his car. Perfect, because it was in exactly the direction I needed to go.

After I dropped him off,  I went to meet CBG, who I used to work with,  and her husband AG. We met at The Flying Biscuit,  Y_U_M!! They met from a dating profile I wrote for her way back when.  She tweaked it of course, but…they met because of it, I’m stoked to say! They’re the second couple to meet because of a profile I wrote,  is that awesome or what!

It was great catching up,  especially after AG left to go back to work,  she and I had some good one-on-one time.

Then I headed to my storage unit to scope the situation out there and then drop something off at a friend’s house,  I hope she’s found it by now!

After that,  head to the other side of town,  I had a movie date with TS. We decided on a later movie,  so I loitered around Barnes and Noble and then she was there.  We went to see The Boss, with Melissa McCarthy. It was funny,  not the best,  but funny.

I love going to the movies with TS, we laugh at a lot of the same stuff, then we analyze and discuss. It was great to see her and catch up, she’s one of the people I try to see when I’m in town.

After the movie and more catching up we parted company,  she headed home and I’m at SDL’s, exciting to-do tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it…tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!



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