Peaches Prattlings

{April 7, 2016}   Happy birthday LaLa

Today we celebrate LaLa’s birthday.

LaLa came into our lives almost eleven years ago and she got her name because EJS couldn’t say her name,  so LaLa it was.

She is grandmother to her son’s kids, two girls on one side and two boys on the other side,  what are the odds? When EJS was born,  she became a grandmother to EJS and then MGS and interestingly…LaLa is the Chinese word for grandmother I found out from my friend JCT, who’s daughter calls her mom LaLa, perfect fit wouldn’t you say?

LaLa is a very busy woman,  for someone who is retired…she is an avid tennis player and fan,  haven’t seen her on Wii tennis yet,  I’m sure she’d be a champ! She loves to travel,  she and my dad have been on some amazing trips, it was cool comparing notes when they were in Budapest shortly before PSM and I. And all the traveling to see all her grandkids, six can keep ya hoppin’!

One of the things that’s fun to see is the post cards she sends,  everywhere she goes, no matter where, she sends all the grand kids post cards,  I know it’s a treat on both sides.

She’s a mother to her daughter-in-laws, a very special bond and like a second mother to her daughter-in-law’s sister. Very different relationships with each grand child,  proud in so many ways of what they accomplish and not above getting down on the ground to play and roll around with them.

I tease her sometimes, and let me just say,  she is a very good sport about it,  you have to be in this family! her socks match her shirt, it seemed like every time I saw her, but in the beginning that was mostly in the summer and she was in tennis gear, so, what did I do? I bought her socks when I traveled!

She’s always put together, which is more than I can say for myself first thing in the morning, well,  most of the day,  let’s be honest! EJS and MGS both love to play with her makeup and nail polish, something special they do together.

She is a very loving, caring family member and friend, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, just like my dad, she calls and sends cards, very close with her sisters,  like carbon copies of each other and close with their families.

She’s a great cook,  might be a little healthier than dad likes, but it’s a good thing. And her sangria is requested wherever she goes, not a bad thing to be known for.

When we, the family, met LaLa, there was an instant connection and she soon became family, which is a good thing because family vacations would have been really awkward! It’s fun to travel together and make plans,  sit around and do nothing, dinners, theater,  whatever we do,  it’s nice to do it as a family.

Happy birthday LaLa, here is hoping this birthday was better than the last, but not the best to come!



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