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{March 19, 2016}   Wow, can those 9 year olds can party!

Today we had a party for one EJS, who turns NINE tomorrow.

What a day we had! I got to GES’ house, hugs and kisses all around,  then it was off to Karate with EJS, she really is getting stronger with her kicks and punches. She was even called to the front row of the class, that is not a common thing for lower level students, that’s what she told us when class was over. The Master instructor called her out after class to tell her how well she did.  Go EJS go!

Then back to the house,  make rice crispy treats,  never knew how easy they are,  butter, rice crispy cereal and marshmallows. 

A few errands and then the girls started showing up. Thirteen in total with EJS and MGS, oh my!  It was a great mix of girls, some from school, temple, book club, family friends and camp, very nice.

Since they were from different places,  not everyone knew each other, I had all the girls sit in a circle and we played an ice breaker game to get the girls to relax,  laugh and maybe learn each other’s names. It worked a little, by the time they started the festivities,  the girls were laughing together.

We started in the dining room with instructions,  we were having fun with food.

They started with decorating their own containers with markers and stickers.

Next,  on to the fun with food… first, they were making candy sushi! We made two different sizes of rice crispy treats,  blocks and long thin pieces. Then take a Swedish fish or gummy worm and either roll it in the longer thin piece or put it on the block,  then wrap it in fruit roll up like seaweed. How cool is that!

Next was melting chocolate and crumble cookie pieces to pour into molds and then after they harden in the freezer, wrap them in foil for their own candy bar.

Lastly, we had different flavored puddings, whipped cream, cookie crumbles, Graham cracker crumbs and mason jars to put it all in,  with labels hand made by each girl.

Perfect timing, as one group of girls left a station, they went downstairs to play, then,  after we finished taking the chocolates from the freezer,  it was time to sing and eat ice cream cake. Pure perfection! Parents started showing up just about that time.

After most of the girls left, five stayed behind, four were spending the night, was doing a sleep under,  she would stay until bed time and then go home.

The girls put on their pj’s, watched Paddington then headed upstairs to set up the sleeping arrangements air mattresses and sharing and floors and mommy and daddy’s bed, play a game, while they waited for the sleep under to head home and one other girl to come back.

By now, it was almost 10pm and I headed for the hills,  or at least my place and my furry kids [and yes, they did exactly what I said they would].

Tomorrow, more fun with family and a birthday dinner.

I told you those nine year olds could party!



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