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{March 15, 2016}   A double date…WTF and Beautiful

And it was all fabulous!!!

After my last class of the day I decided I was going to treat myself. I took myself to the movies.

I sat down with some popcorn, a bottle of water, reclined my seat and settled in to watch WTF…Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, staring Tina Fey. It was based on Kim Baker’s book, “The Taliban Shuffle”.

I really enjoyed this movie,  I thought I would when I saw the preview. I’ve seen a few Tina Fey movies and they have been hit or miss. I think I told you sky seeing Sisters, total hit, childish, but funny. 

This was great. Kim Baker’s is a writer for a TV news station. In 2003 they were looking for reporters to go to Afghanistan and the group they are looking for volunteers in “you are all single,  no families”. So…why not!

She goes to Afghanistan and it transforms her and her life. She discovers that she is made of stronger stuff than she realizes. It’s funny, sad, exciting and a really good story. I recommend it.

Later in the evening,  I went to see Beautiful,  The Carole King musical based on her life.

The story started when she was sixteen, in college for teaching,  but all she wants is to write music. She’s great with the melody, not as great with the lyrics, or so she thought.

She met Jerry, an older guy at the same college, a playwright who is having some trouble and begin to work together and end up writing songs for so many singers and groups in the sixties. I knew she wrote for others,  I just didn’t realize to what extent!

We got to hear her sing,  they the group it was written for.  They had quite a number of number one hits.

Eventually,  she moves to LA to record her own stuff and that year,  Tapestry, won best album, female vocalist, just to name two of the accolades this woman received.

The cast was amazing, the score,  the lyrics, the choreography and the actress who played Carole King,  wow!

All in all,  what an amazing and enjoyable evening.

If you can,  go see both!




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