Peaches Prattlings

{March 10, 2016}   Almost 30 years?! What!!

Tonight,  wow,  what a trip! I saw someone I have known for almost thirty years!

I met SD freshman orientation at SUNY Fredonia August 1989!! We spent the weekend together with a few other people, closely, while we met so many others in our freshman class, but we became fast friends and fell for each other,  it was love at first site!

It was a very brief romance,  but the friendship remained. Tonight when he introduced me,  I was his first and only girlfriend, exactly how he described me to his husband, to perfect!

Tonight, I got to meet his husband and their son, JD, what a doll baby!!

SD posted on Facebook the other day he would be singing some torch songs at Merge, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I didn’t realize it,  but I’d been there before last year with the team.

I knew I would have to go, of course! I got done with work,  changed and headed out to the restaurant and when we saw each other,  it was at no time had passed.  When I looked at him, I  saw the 18 year old boy in 1989.

We caught up for a bit,  then it was time to sing. He introduced me to a few people,  I ended up talking with a coworker for a while, very nice guy.

What a wonderful performance,  he really does have a fabulous voice and he’s so good with the crowd,  it was so terrific to see him up there,  it brought back memories.

I got a chance to chat with his husband for a few minutes after the performance and then their son,  very inquisitive  and precious.

Then it was time to go,  with the promise to get together next week,  fingers crossed.

Almost thirty years, nah,  it was just yesterday.  Sigh



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