Peaches Prattlings

{March 9, 2016}   Curtains Up

An interesting experience tonight.

Shea’s Theater in Buffalo held what they call their annual Curtains Up event. This is when they reveal their next season of shows.



There were a few shows posted and then they revealed the shows one by one.  There is an award called The Kenny Awards,, an award that honors talent in high school students in western New York.

A few students from each school who are in the theater program presented the next show coming. The president and musical director presented as well.

There were some presentations from shows on Broadway that were coming to Shae’s next season,  Finding Neverland, Cabaret and Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

Aside from the sound being horrible, it was an enjoyable evening.  People in the crowd were season ticket holders and seemed to enjoy this event greatly.

Hmmm…maybe some other theaters and cities well do the same.





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