Peaches Prattlings

{March 5, 2016}   What a day!!

It started early, ended late, lots in the middle, perfect.

It started early because my sleep is messed up. 3:15am, 4:30am and finally, I gave up at 6:20am and got up. Well, didn’t get up and out of bed, just no more sleeping.

I got up,  dressed and headed out to meet PSMs sister-in-law and nephew for brunch not too far from them,  because after we ate,  we went back to their place and I got to visit with Mollie! She looks great, she’s lost a little weight and still the same lovable, sweet dog she always was.

She ran around,  was excited to see me,  then she was done,  it was time to lay in the sun,  I totally get that!


After our visit,  I headed to see if I might catch GES and the family at home,  I did. It was a whirlwind visit, well, I walked in add they were getting ready to go out, here and there. I picked up some stuff, dropped off and headed out.

I went to the Art In Bloom exhibition at the local library,  amazing! Each piece had an assignment a piece of art to be created and then reproduced in flora, amazing!




Then it wad back to my place to drop off groceries, yup,  did that somewhere in between!

Got a text from KAB, what I sent her for the baby shower made it! Go amazon prime! I can’t wait to see pictures!

Caught up with HH on the phone,  then headed out for GNO, or Girls Night Out, for those of you not in the know.  JB, SB, LI, KM and I sent to a pretty good Mexican restaurant, El Sarape in Braintree. 

We had a blast! After waiting a while for a table,  and we had a reservation, the place was packed! We got our table and then cane close to closing the place down.  We looked at our watches and it was 9 then all of a sudden it was almost 11pm, not bad.

We caught up,  laughed,  drank,  ate,  laughed,  talked about planning girls weekends, it was great! There were only a few times I was lost since they have all known each other for years,  but they filled me in on stuff. Such a great time!

Back home,  take care of some stuff,  talk to to you and now on going to crash. Tomorrow is laundry,  straighten up and head out…back to Buffalo.



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