Peaches Prattlings

{February 28, 2016}   What a weekend!

As promised, my weekend, I’m more awake now!

I got to Colorado on Friday, found a hotel, chilled out, talked to you and crashed out. Apparently my body thought I only needed about four hours of sleep,  wide awake at 4:15am, seriously?

I finally got up about 5:45, dressed and breakfast and out the door by 6:20am, at AM’s house to get my skis, head up to the mountains. What a view,  breathtaking,  peaceful,  calming, I’m glad I had the opportunity to live in Colorado and go back and visit.



I decided to go to Breckinridge for the day and I’m so glad I did, beautiful weather, never got very cold and warmed up towards the end of the day. It was about 60 when I left.

I got to the top for my first run of the day and woosh, away I went.  There was good powder,  groomed and smooth.  It really was a pleasure being out there,  I am definitely a west coast over east coast skier.  I’m more confident there than back east and that’s ok,  everyone has their skills and what they’re comfortable with. Some people are east over west,  that’s why you see those bumper stickers “Ski the East “.



I took a few breaks,  including one for lunch. I accidentally spilled two drops of vegetables soup on my goggles, it got into the foam so every time I pulled them down,  I smelled soup! Especially when I pulled my face guard up! Had to wash them pretty fast,  I couldn’t take it!


In all,  I skied for about four and a half hours, it was invigorating and exhausting! I didn’t even have to trick myself into the last run!



I left Breck and headed to AM’s house to visit with him and the family. I love spending time with his wife,  N and their daughter A, she is a spitfire and adorable.

We chatted for a bit,  then headed out to their favorite local sushi restaurant, at least I think it was a favorite,  they knew the staff,  which is nice and they were happy to see the family.

We had a very nice dinner, she drew me this picture on the back of a sushi menu. Isn’t it fabulous! You know it’s going on my fridge!


Back to the house, the younger A went to bed and A, N and I watched Lucy, interesting. It was great to hang out with them. Over dinner and beyond,  we talked about movies,  Marvel, DC, Star Wars,  Star Trek,  and more and more and books and…  It was a lot of fun,  I’m looking forward to next time.

Back to the hotel, chilled a bit, barely talked to you and then passed out, as you know.

This morning, I got up leisurely,  it was nice,  breakfast and eventually head out.  I visited my storage units,  got some stuff and headed to the airport.

I had enough time when I returned the car, then sat on the bus for about 10/15 minutes waiting to head to the airport. My bags made it by the skin of their teeth,  but they made it.  They made it to my first stop,  Minneapolis,  but somehow got routed wrong and they didn’t make it to Buffalo with me.

Luckily…I left a bag with the hotel last week because I didn’t want to take it with me and I’m so glad I did! The Delta luggage agent gave me a kit that had a t-shirt, tooth brush, the essentials. Good thing, my jammies and essentials are still in flight! They should be here tomorrow about noon.  I’m just glad I have something to wear to teach class!

And now that are caught up, I will say goodnight and pleasant dreams.


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