Peaches Prattlings

{February 20, 2016}   What a day! Woosh

Back on skis for the first time this season.

The ski season has not been a very long one.  Traditionally, it starts about October/November and should go through March/April. Not so this year. Apparently Mother Nature is not a skier. Or I should say, she might be a west coast skier, I get Colorado snow reports every weekend.

So, needless time say, I haven’t skied until today. As we talked about last night,  I came up to NH with the families and this morning we suited up and went to Cannon Mountain. It’s a high and windy mountain and today,  it student disappoint.

We got our lift tickets, put boots on abs away we went. On the way up in the express loft,  express to the top, it got very windy abs EJS was not a fan,  but we made it up and headed down the mountain.  I will tell you, I wasn’t a huge fan, as there was a lot of ice and I’m not an ice skier, some people are, in not a fan of sliding and I don’t like the sounds of sliding and scraping over ice,  that’s just me.

We are making our way down and have stopped for a moment and out of no where,  someone comes barreling down, skis over MGS’ ski and plows into JT, knocks him down and actually breaks one of his ski poles! MGS lost a ski, it landed near GES. I immediately take off my skis and go to MGS, who is crying a lot at this point.

I held her while GES made her way back towards us. I checked and nothing was broken and I asked if she was hurt or just startled. Just startled, thank goodness. I rocked and cooed until mommy got there and took over. Get this…turns out that the guy who plowed into us was a ski instructor!

After a while, JT said he would ski with MGS between his skis. It took some doing,  GES and I each had two sets of ski poles, but we made it down.

The only thing we were worried about was the girls not wanting to ski after this or being nervous and they’re both pretty good skiers. We got to the bottom and EJS and ACS were ready for more, MGS was not and then she was and away they went. 

I have to tell you, so very proud of EJS and MGS for making it down and wanting to keep going, Champs I tell ya!

GES and I however,  first got our lift ticket money back and since I now had $150 back, it was like found money,  we went to the bar! GES had a beer and I had an amaretto hot chocolate, yum! Along with style Bavarian pretzels, we were set.

We had at least 45-one hour good quality sister time,  then everyone came in for lunch. After lunch,  they all went back on the slopes and GES and I enjoyed more sister bonding time.

After an hour it was time to head back to the house for relaxing, skating  on the pond,  and hot chocolate, kid friendly,  maybe a nap or two. No technology though, it was nice. There was even some reading that had to be done.

Eventually we made dinner,  then more games and off to sleep for the kids. The grown-ups stayed up to talk and use their technology, freedom! And now I’m talking to you!

All in all,  an enjoyable day. Gotta get it all in,  back to Buffalo tomorrow.




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