Peaches Prattlings

{February 19, 2016}   It’s great, but bittersweet

One year ago last weekend…

Was the first time PSM brought me to New Hampshire to ski and introduced me to his ski house and life in Lincoln.

Valentines day weekend,  can you believe it! It was our third date and he took me skiing! Not too shabby if you ask me.

So,  this weekend I am up with my sister’s family and his cousin, J&A T’s family. There are five adults and 4 children,  girls to be exact in a lovely house in Lincoln, NH, that is heated only by wood stoves. I’m glad I wasn’t the first one in the house!

On the way up,  I stopped at the same rest stop that he, Mollie and I would always stop at for coffee, tea and a piece of banana bread, sigh. Traditions. I sent him pictures of the stop, it made him nostalgic.

My car almost went on autopilot and got off at his exit,  but I had six more exits to go. It’s a charming house,  everyone else is asleep, the only thing missing…PSM, oh, and Mollie,  of course.   

It’s snowing as we speak, should make for some good skiing tomorrow.


Happy happy birthday to my dear sweet friend,  my butterfly, WM.


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