Peaches Prattlings

{February 18, 2016}   It almost never happens!

As you know, I travel for work 100%.

With all that travel,  you’d think I would run into people I know at an airport somewhere. The only people I run into are people I’ve been on projects with and that is rare.

Today,  I ran into someone I know! And it’s someone I only met a few months ago. LI and I met at A&K’s friends holiday party around Christmas and then we saw each other again at her post New Years Eve party.

We were both at LaGuardia Airport and at the same gate. I was waiting for the 8pm flight and then managed to get on the 7pm flight. Same for her, we were both getting home an hour earlier,  wahoo.

LI was standing across from me by the bar across from the gate.  I was concentrating very hard on what I was working on and listening to Mama Mia, so I was slightly oblivious. 

When I looked up finally, we saw each other and it was a treat! We caught up, laughed a lot, walked onto the plane together and texted until we took off and then when we landed. Walked to baggage claim together, outside, laughing most of the way.

The funny part was when we took a picture together and we were photo bombed! I sent the picture to PSM, he loved it.

We parted company with the promise of getting together sometime when I’m in Boston for the weekend.

That was fun!



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