Peaches Prattlings

{February 14, 2016}   Today is a doubly special day!

Not only is it Valentines Day,  but it’s Gotcha Day!

So,  we start with Valentine’s Day,  the traditional day of love. I got text messages of love and photos, calls and cards from friends, family and my beau. I hope your day was just as full of love.

The next is Gotcha Day! This is the day that adoptions are final and your family is official and complete, well, that is unless you’re adding to it!

The reason I mention it is because there is a very special girl and mommy celebrating her Gotcha Day today…Miss A and SDL. This was the day it was official and I became an aunt to a very special person. Still trying to figure out what life was before she came into our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family and friends and your friends and loved ones and Happy Gotcha Day to my family. 

I loves you all!!!




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