Peaches Prattlings

{February 12, 2016}   Work, uhaul, a visit, lots of laughs

Just another day in paradise!

The day started earlier than planned, not sure if I woke up on my own or the cold, wet nose on my face.

I got up,  did work for a bit and then headed out to uhaul and to meet my fabulous and very strong friend CG who agreed to help me.

We drove to my sister’s house to get the trundle frame for my bed,  now I’m sleeping up off the floor.  As much as I like sleeping on the floor, very much like college and bohemian,  it’s nice to sleep in a bed,  feels different,  I like the springs. I’ll give it some time,  who knows if I’ll change my mind!

At my sister’s house,  CG got to meet my sister when we picked up the bed, I always love when people can meet my sister, she’s so groovy.

After taking the bed frame to my place,  we returned the uhaul, wet got some lunch.  We laughed because we’ve been talking about getting together since we’ve known each other and now we’ve had two meals in less than a week! We have so much fun when we together!

After I got back to my place,  I made the bed with my new bed covers, thanks dad! Then it was work,  work, work.

After I knocked off for the day, it was back in the car,  sat in traffic heading back to GES’ for shabbat dinner with the family and movie night,  we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There was silliness, laughter and so much love and goofiness,  the perfect evening. Then it was night-night, a quick catch up and back to my place,  first night in my new bed,  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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