Peaches Prattlings

{January 25, 2016}   Goodbye, work, breakfast, work, goodbye, hello, goodbye, dinner and a visit

Another jam packed day!

I spent the night at LBK’s, as you know, got up,  took a shower then sat down to get some work done.  Their middle daughter JK was still there waiting for carpool pick up to go to school.

Then it was just me and the three dogs. Then LBK came home from her first appointment and we went and had a very nice brunch. Then she went off to see her next appointment and I headed back to the house to get more work done.  AK came home unexpectedly and decided to stay and get some work done, had some network issues and went back to work. Somewhere in there,  I picked their youngest,  KK, up from the bus stop,  LBK asked if I world surprise her at the bus stop.  Of course!

Big surprise since we said goodbye last night! A little one-on-one time is definitely welcome!

Then everyone was home and eventually I left after another goodbye…got on the phone with DL, and had a fabulous time talking and catching up, made the drive that much more enjoyable!

And…KAB texted with some great news,  can’t tell you yet,  but I was tickled that she told me right after it happened! Think I teared up? You bet your sweet bippie!

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up two frozen pizzas, one gluten-free and vegan for me and some one serving ice cream cups. Then I headed to SDL’s house,  I had dinner plans with CKM and Miss A. You know I never miss a visit opportunity with Miss A!

SDL wasn’t home yet,  she has class tonight for her EMBA program,  how fabulous is she!! I knew I would see her later.

When I got there, Miss A was having some dinner and then it was potty, bath and bed.  I got to do one of my favorite things, brush and braid her hair before bed.  After teeth were night night kisses and secrets and smooches and the occasional smack in the face, mine! And promises of future visits.

Then CKM and I went downstairs and had pizza, conversation, laughs,  catching up,  talking about ex’s and Facebook and….you know how all of this goes. As always, a great time,  especially the laughing!

About 930 SDL got home, we talked about class, how the night went and then it was just me and SDL. These are some of my favorite times as well,  just the two of us sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and talking in our jammies.

As with all of my favorite people,  catching up, laughing,  being silly, we talked about work,  life,  Miss A, oh boy do we talk about her,  what a wonder!

We also did some tech support stuff and before you knew it, it was one am! Morning comes early for them and I have a flight to catch at 8am to Buffalo, so out the door by 545am, wahoo!

I’m sure I’ll see them in the morning to say goodbye.

To you I say,  what a weekend! Good night!



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