Peaches Prattlings

{January 23, 2016}   There’s a kid under there!

Today was another great and busy day. I’m in Atlanta, what else would it be?

I got in yesterday about 545pm, just as the snow started to fall. I picked up my rental car and headed to JCT’s house for the night.

I picked up food on the way and got to catch up with JCT and “mom” when I got there, just the three of us,  it was great.  We talked about her trip to China,  family,  the works. JCT’s daughter,  ST,  had her wisdom teeth pulled earlier that day,  so she was in bed,  get dad was up there taking care of her.

We talked even after mom went to bed, we both fell asleep in the big comfy chairs, it was awesome. 

This morning, we got up,  had breakfast,  hung out with the rest of the family. As I was leaning,  JCT’s mom almost made me cry. She said she loved me and she had two daughters, I love that! I don’t call her mom a just a term of endearment!

Then JCT and I left to meet RJS for lunch. Such a treat! The three of us met in October of 2009 when we worked together,  with ST as well and the wonderful,  we’ve all stayed friends and when we can, we all get together,  doesn’t happen as often as we’d like, but when we do,  even sweeter.

We caught up, laughed, reminisced, laughed, goofed around, swapped stories about work,  life,  relationships, laughed. Have you noticed there is a theme with my friends?

After a nice long leisurely lunch, we went our separate ways,  promises to do this again,  can’t wait!

Then I went to the Georgia World Congress Center where the expo for the Hot Chocolate race is,  I had to pick up my race packet, toys is my fifth time participatingin the Hot Chocolate,  America’s Sweetest Race, second time for the 15k. It’s going to be c-c-c-cold! 29 degrees, feel of 15! Oh my!

After picking up my packet, a warm hat and gloves for running, I was set.  I’ll show you the swag tomorrow!

And in fine JJ tradition, I kept going! Off to see LGR and her family, husband MR and their adorable six year old,  CGR, what a cutie! Oh and their newest addition,  a Ridgeback named Belle. I can’t believe I don’t have pictures of her,  I’m sorry!

I do,  however, have pictures of CGR whether we were playing in her room, she has a stuffed animal collection that rivals FAO Schwartz!

We had some fun, LGR and I burying her under the animals then trying to get her to stay under until she could surprise daddy, apparently a much harder concept to convey! But third time is the charm, right!

Dinner and great conversation. We talked travel, families, travel, laughed, caught up,  work,  laughed, travel,  the usual.

Then back to the house,  a rousing game of hide-and-go-seek. I love that most kids are the same,  you how,  they find you,  they hide next in the same place! Still fun! Oh, and having a dog who stares at where you are hiding,  really funny!

Such a good time! But it was time for bed,  not sure who needed or wanted it more,  CGR or mommy and daddy!

Then off to RJS, a visit with her, her fiance, KS and the furry babies, Maddie and Max, then off to bed, I have to get up at 5:30am, parking closes at 6:30am! Race starts at 7:40am, oh my! Then brunch with friends.

Sweet dreams! Hot chocolate…



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