Peaches Prattlings

{January 19, 2016}   It’s like it was yesterday

Tonight I had dinner with a friend from high school.

We actually went to middle school together but didn’t become real friends until high school, does it really matter where we met? Not really, but we always talk about where we met people, especially when it’s been a long time.

HW and I hadn’t seen each other since high school, you know, college, life, I moved to Georgia,  the usual.

We connected on Facebook, as everyone does, and then we saw each other again in person at our twenty year high school reunion and it was love at first sight all over again! More like no time had passed and we were back in high school again.

We’ve kept in touch since then via Facebook and on the phone and tonight over dinner,  I’m glad she was free to meet. And just like the last time, no time has passed.

We caught up, reminisced, told stories, laughed, talked boyfriends, kids, family, work, travel, laughed, do you see a theme?

Yup, the image is definitely us, we were that goofy, free and wacky and thankfully, we have stayed true to ourselves since then, go us!

Hugs and kisses and promises to do this again, hopefully not before too long!



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