Peaches Prattlings

{January 15, 2016}   What a day…I’m beat!

The day started way too early.

As you know, PSM, my boyfriend, left me for the sunny skies and rainbows of Hawaii VERY early this morning…oh, woe is me…[Start the violins please]

He left about 4:45am for the airport, luckily,  we were right there. I couldn’t fall back asleep, I did try. I know he felt bad waking me, I looked so peaceful sleeping, but he couldn’t leave without a goodbye hug and smooch,  could he?


So, eventually,  I got up and went to have some breakfast ally 5:30am, amazing how many people were there too!

After breakfast,  I headed back to the room,  collected my stuff and headed downstairs for the shuttle. After about five minutes,  I set off on foot for the rental car center, got the shuttle, picked up a car and headed to my place.

I had already packed my bag, so I wouldn’t take to long in the morning. I took care of the cats, loaded the car and got on the road. I’m going home!

It took about 4.5 hours with bio breaks along the way, if you’ve met me you know I can’t go very long without one! But it was nice, no traffic, so it was a straight shot. I’d I didn’t stop, Bertha, my GPS said it would take 4.1 hours, so good job, me!

I got to my dad’s just in time for the last bio break! Got my stuff from the car and went inside, kind of surprised him, he didn’t hear me come in! After a bit, we decided to get some lunch and sushi sounded great! We shared a few things and we were stuffed!

Groceries were next on the list, he looked at me funny and asked if I had really changed my eating habits…I figured that since I have a car, I would pick up some cat food [16# bag]! Why not!

While we were shopping PSM called when he got to San Francisco, leg one of his trip, safe and sound.

Back to the house to wait for LaLa and commiserate with the guys waiting to pour the concrete for the new driveway. It was scheduled to arrive 10am-12pm. Guess when then showed up…3pm! They had to wait around for five hours! The weather was nice so the concrete guy was trying to get in as many jobs as possible.

Laundry went in, I wasn’t missing an opportunity like this! I felt like I was in college again! And dad offered! He’s the best!

LaLa got there and we chatted for a bit and then the truck arrived and like little kids we watched the truck churn, pour the concrete and then the guys lay the driveway. It was so cool! Like watching my Tonka Trucks come to life! It took about 40 minutes to fill dad’s and the same for the neighbor.


When we left for dinner about 5:15, they were gone laying and smoothing, they were in beautifying mode, creases, swirls, very cool.

Off to dinner at a great Italian restaurant that I had been to when I was here in October for the half marathon. We were meeting fabulous people that I have told you about, the couple I call “Mr. & Mrs. The B’s”. He was my teacher of French in middle school and I never called them by their first names again, I can’t!

We were there celebrating Mr B’s birthday. Great fun, catching up, reminiscing, telling stories, laughing, all in all, a fabulous evening. Good friends, good food [even some fabulous gluten-free almond cookie for me!] A sparkling cake and singing, by the entire restaurant were the last thing, terrific!

When we got back, the boss from the project today was back with his son laying down plastic sheeting to protect it from the region coming tomorrow, how cool is that. Great work and fabulous customer service, a very good businessman.

Back to the house, check the laundry, snuggle in to talk to you and I know I am going to pass out early, I am exhausted!

PSM called while I was settling in, I know he’s safe and sound. I asked how he was, he said he was fine with flying for a while, I said that was ok because he was in his new home now.

And now that I talked to him, kissed everyone goodnight, I am going to collapse, big day tomorrow! Goodnight!


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