Peaches Prattlings

{January 14, 2016}   A nice quiet night

Just what the doctor ordered.

Tonight was the end of a lot of celebrating and quiet was on the menu.

Since PSM is leaving very early,  I booked us a night at a hotel near the airport. He arrived first,  stored his bags and hung out waiting for me.  When I got there,  we went up to the room to chill out for a while.

You know we’ve been to multiple parties and dinners and celebrations and send offs over the last few weeks and it’s been wonderful and exhausting! Tonight,  after the last lunch/farewell party, it was just the two of us.

After a bit of nothing,  we went down for happy hour and then a bit of dinner. PSM was very excited to learn he could take that last beer back to the room, finish it leisurely and that’s what he did.

Back to the room, snuggle on sofa, enjoy each other’s company one last night for a while.

Safe travels PSM, see you soon! I heart you.

Just what the doctor ordered.



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