Peaches Prattlings

{January 10, 2016}   Happy birthday ACS

Today we celebrate my brother-in-law, ACS’ birthday.

ACS and I are the same age for a,little over the months,  then he gets to tell me what is like to be a the next age,  until I get there.

Everyone gets to choose where they want to eat on their birthday and ACS’ favorite place for his birthday is The Cheesecake Factory and that’s where we went, it’s tradition.

The usual suspects were there, GES, MGS, EMS, B&S M and their son, HM, his brother and sister-in-law,  J&AS and added his year,  PSM, only people missing…dad and Lala.

Guess what I found in Hawaii! How much convincing do you think it would take to celebrate his birthday there next year?

ACS is a great guy, I’m glad I was here to celebrate another birthday with him.

ACS is a good guy,  a fabulous father and great husband to my sister. They’ve been through so much, ups and downs over the last few years and he’s been a rock and someone she could count on, what more could you want for your sister?

I’ve sung his praises a few times, as you may remember, so tonight,  I just want to say a big happy birthday to my “little big brother”.



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