Peaches Prattlings

{January 9, 2016}   Another wonderful celebration

How wonderful to touch people so much that they want to honor you.

As you know,  last night we had a great throw down for PSM, aloha, and SB, happy birthday!

Today was a little more low key,  but just as lovely. After a very early start [230am down,  6am wakeup,  what!] We got Mollie from the dog sitter, she wanted a few days to say goodbye. Then go the vet for a shot and some paperwork,  then to another vet for different paperwork. You thought moving yourself to Hawaii would be tough…moving a dog to Hawaii is taxing!

Then on to PSM’s brother to leave Mollie until we send her to reuinite with him in Hawaii. Whew! After we went back to PSM’s house for a rest,  we’ll deserved!

A while later,  celebration number two,  with the family. We went to J&A’s house to have a nice dinner with the family. Sounds idyllic,  doesn’t it!

We talked a bit,  then head  to J&A for more fun and frivolity. It was J&A, their two girls,  M&H, PSM’s brother and his family,  S&J with their son,  J. His aunt and uncle and his aunts sister, and to rounds the group up GES, ACS and MGS.

The food was great,  lots of Italian. While we were sitting there, the girl scout cookie drive was in full speed, I donated cookies, even after “but they have gluten free!”

Speaking of food,  the girls made two cakes, one for PSM and one for ACS,  his birthday is tomorrow.  One guess what tomorrow’s post will be!

We had a great time, laughing, eating, drinking, reminiscing, no settling down for him! It really is such a treat to see how people love, value and respect him. So wonderful and touching to see,  it’s not just me thinking he’s the bees knees.

A fun night all around.  On to the next exciting event!



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