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{January 8, 2016}   Aloha/Happy Birthday…Party!

Tonight was fabulous!!! [Must be shouted!]

Two events were happening; a farewell to PSM, known to most as Boo, who,  you may or may not know,  is moving to Hawaii and SB, known affectionately as Sarge, it was her 50th birthday. January 9th is her birthday, to be exact.

Since we wanted to celebrate both,  what better way than a joint party! BB and AH took the lead, found a place, chose the food, a hotel, soup to nuts. Two thumbs guys!

We got to the hotel and began running into everyone else as they were checking in.

After dropping our stuff in the room,  we headed back downstairs to the bar where everyone was meeting before we went over to the Emerald Lounge for the festivities. Technically, the festivities started at that moment,  drinks all around while we waited for everyone else.

Then a nice, brisk and crisp walk, about 10 minutes to the Revere Hotel,  which had our party room at the Emerald Lounge. GES and ACS were already there with a few other people and then we were off!

There were a lot of people in this small-ish room, but it was great. Almost everyoneknew each other,  I think there were only two people in didn’t know, felt good.

I got to introduce my sister and brother-in-law to PSM’s friends,  the ones who know and love him so much and now my friends.  That was the better feeling.

After a while,  both GES and ACS commented that it was a good group of people and friends and how much they all care about PSM, I couldn’t agree more. 

The appetizers were flowing,  really good too! A great variety of sliders and tidbits, one cool one that I did not participate in, tenderloin w/mashed potatos. The cool bit…they sat on top of a salt block on a slate tray, very clever.
The presentation on all the food, the service, our personal bar tender, the drinks,  all top notch and very attentive.

We had the room until closing at 2am, which was great, we could leave all our stuff in there, go out to the dance floor and shake and shimmy. And these people can shake and shimmy!

We made sure to all be there, on the dance floor before 12am to celebrate SB’s birthday at the stroke of twelve. That was pretty cool.

There was more dancing,  stories, reminiscing, laughing, photos, hugging and goodbyes. Not to mention discussions about Hawaii, that made someone very happy.

About 1:45am, we said our final farewells and grabbed a cab with G&J B back to the hotel. One last goodbye and it was time to crash.

What a great time! A proper way to send off a good friend and celebrate a birthday! Top notch!

What’s next?! Alo-ha!



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