Peaches Prattlings

{December 25, 2015}   Merry Christmas!!

Are home made gifts the best or what!!

I promised to share what I got from Baby A and here it is! The two canvases are made by him,  red swirls with A’s underneath and…Mistle-toes! Do you love it! You know I do!

And in front…coffee filter butterflies made by Miss A!! You know I am just eating this stuff up!

Today started too early,  but Christmas starts early with little kids! I was still at JT’s house and for the 13 month old,  we started at 7am! There were slides and brooms and princesses and…and…

DT  made breakfast,  yum, A Christmas Story was on,  the beginning of the 24 hour run,  then we put on Its a Wonderful Life, eventually I took a shower and headed to my other favorite family to spend christmas with them.  SDL, Miss A, SDL’s sister DL, her parents, also known as Momom and Popop.

We opened presents, talked, laughed, cooked, opened presents, talked,  laughed, cooked and eventually sat down to eat.

It was fun opening presents, every family has their own traditions. In this family, Santa fills the stockings and everyone wonders just how Santa knew! Then we open the “regular” gifts and everyone knows who they are from. Lots of laughter and fun!

Dinner was grand…there was turkey, stuffing, veggies,  sweet potato, mashed potato, rolls, salad, oh my! Full bellies.

Then sitting and chatting for a long time.  Clean up,  talking,  eventually dessert, more talking and then all of a sudden,  it’s 11pm! Time flies!

So,  I have done my Christmas traditions, so far. Christmas Eve with JT’s family and Christmas Day with SDL’s, my life is complete.  I love these families dearly and I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather be at this time and I’ll be back every year,  as long as they’ll have me!

To you and yours,  if you celebrate…Happy and Merry Christmas!!!



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