Peaches Prattlings

{December 24, 2015}   ‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Happy Christmas Eve to one and all!

Today is Christmas Eve and I got to continue a fabulous tradition, spending it with crazy friends.

I started my day seeing my grandson,  Baby A. What am I going to call him? I can’t keep calling him Baby A! He’s two and a half! I’ll think of something soon. I drove out to see him and his mom,  KAB, had a fabulous time and forgot to take a picture of what he made me, pure awesomeness! I will take a picture tomorrow and post it,  promise!

After a fabulous visit,  I headed back to JT’s house,  picked him up,  we went to the store and picked up stuff I could eat for dinner,  then back to his place.

People started arriving, including ST, who joined us because JT’s family graciously extended an invitation.  I told him how great JT’s family is and ST experienced it.

This year was a slightly different crowd,  since some of the usual suspects weren’t there.  Some of the same faces,  some new,  but as always, warm,  fun,  entertaining and amusing, loud, boisterous and fabulous.  What more could you want.

For those of you celebrating…Happy Christmas eve!!! I hope you are with the ones you want to be with and having a fabulous time!



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