Peaches Prattlings

{December 22, 2015}   A first concert!

Tonight was my first foray into the world of grade school concerts…from the “parent” side.

EJS decided at the start of the school year that she wanted to play an instrument. Her decision was an interesting choice, the cello! It’s almost bigger than her!

When she was making the decision, I told her,  after I told her parents of course,  that I wanted to be her patron. Try explaining what a patron of the arts is to an eight year old!

She really likes The cello and tonight we got to witness the results of all the practicing and rehearsals.

We started with the beginner strings, this included EJS’ group, cello, violons, violas. These were the third graders. Then it was the advanced strings, fourth and fifth grade. Next was the wind instruments, beginner, then advanced. The winds include clarinet, which GES and I both played, flute, trombone. Then orchestra.

The beginner strings started with the traditional beginner piece, ‘Hot Cross Buns’, of course, then there was Martian Cross Buns, huh?

I have to say,  the beginner strings were better than we expected, fair thinking for a beginner concert.

Along with being very proud family members we,  GES, ACS and I realized we are now in the parental group that must attend and sit through not only their own child/family member’s performance,  but the entire school’s performances! Oh my!

A realization came to mind, how lucky we were as kids! Our parents did it for us and smiled the biggest smiles they could.

I looked at GES during one of the other group’s performances and said “Does this mean we need to call daddy and thank him?” Yes it does!

To our dad and mom, who sat through our concerts and to all those parents who sat through their child’s concerts, no matter how good or bad, we send a big collective “THANK YOU!!” You are now up for sainthood!



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