Peaches Prattlings

{December 12, 2015}   A Fabulous Friend Christmas Party

So much fun!

Tonight we went to a Christmas party hosted by PSM’s good friends A&KM.

The party was called for 4pm and we got there a little after,  but before other folks, so it was nice to have some time one on one with A&K before everyone else arrived.

The cool thing is that I knew almost everyone that was there and there was even one person who thought we had met because she had seen so many pictures of me on Facebook that PSM has posted,  kinda cool. And I made some new friends.

It’s great to see how many people care about PSM, they’ve all known each other for years, most of them having been in various ski houses together at one time or another.

They wanted to hear about our trip and all about Hawaii, even planning trips out there! Which is all PSM wants,  his friends and family to visit, that will make him happier than anything. Wink wink.

We laughed,  ate,  drank,  repeat. PSM even brought palinka, it was a hit with some and some agreed with me!

What a nice feeling,  to be with friends,  enjoying each other’s company,  being goofy and having a great time,  what more could you want?

Thanks A&K for including me in the festivities,  I had a blast! Ready for next time!



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