Peaches Prattlings

{November 28, 2015}   A fine Chanukah party

Today my family and I were invited to a special event.

PSM hosts a Chanukah party every year for his family. It’s a tradition that has been going on for years. 

PSM orders a lot of food, I mean a lot! There are platters of bagels, lox, cream cheeses, cheeses and crackers, a whole whitefish,  egg salad,  tuna salad,  whitefish salad, a salad/salad, a kiegel, two quiches and I made a blintz souffle. We had platters of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and capers, all the things that go with bagels, cream cheese and lox. And of course…potato latkes with applesauce or sour cream

Then there were desserts…cookies, cakes and pies, how could you go wrong?

It was PSM, his brother’s family,  aunts and uncles,  their kids and their kids kids,  cousins and then there was us, and PSM’s best friend from college and his family. 39 people total. That’s a good sized crowd,  wouldn’t you say?

So,  there was food, then lighting the menorah, then presents for the kids. The nice thing is that only the kids get presents because all the adults make a donation to the charity of the year. Each year a different family member selects a charity. One of his aunts even gives each adult a check made out to the charity in their name.

This year,  I got a check!! Along with a desk calendar like all the other “kids”. I guess I’m now part of the family.

It really was a nice party,  a good time with good food,  family and friends and I’m touched that we got to share in the day and experience,  thank you PSM.



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