Peaches Prattlings

{November 13, 2015}   Drinks after work

Tonight, I went out for drinks after work.

But…not with my co-workers.  I got to join PSM and his colleagues and friends for drinks after work to celebrate to celebrate  a 4oth birthday.

I don’t know of you remember me telling you about the wedding we went to for one of PSMs coworkers, PV, it was a celebration for him.

First,  I met him at his office and I got a tour and met a bunch of people, then we walked to Abigail’s, a nice restaurant/bar, for drinks. There were four of us for a while and we had drinks and some starters and then more people showed including PV’s wife. We ordered more drinks and eventually food. I had a really good sweet potato and kale burger, wow! And I wasnt the only one either!

We ate,  drank, told stories, laughed and had a great time. His coworkers are funny and og course ,  when they started talking technical, my eyes glazed over! But it was still a lot of fun.

I’m glad I was invited and I’m glad I went.



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