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{November 11, 2015}   EscapeRoom

Today we had a team building experience, EscapeRoom Buffalo.

You may have heard of Escape the Room. This is an event for team building, birthday parties, a Friday night evening of fun, just because. Basically, your group is locked in a room, with a theme of some sort and there are clues you need to work together to figure out how to get out.

The theme of tonight’s event was Escape the Brewery. Uncle Albert owns a brewery and we have to make the delivery, we can’t be late or Uncle Albert goes under. There are clues hidden in drawers, under tables, behind things. You need to figure out the combinations to locks, find the key to a door or box. The key leads to the next door where there are more clues. If we are slowing down or not solving a clue in a decent amount of time, then a clue comes under the door to help the team.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was loads of fun! There were times when one of us figured something out on our own, but mostly we worked as a team, just like we were supposed to and there was no fighting, as I’ve heard tell.

We were getting nervous, there were about eight minutes left and we found the key to get out! We finished in 51:12, with only 7 clues, we made 4th place! We did our team proud! The Learning Aggravators!

All in all, a really fun experience! I think I might have to arrange one soon!

A very happy birthday to my son, WCH, who turned 26 years old today. Sending him good thoughts, hugs, birthday wishes and love. Happy Birthday.


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