Peaches Prattlings

{November 9, 2015}   Panic attacks

cookie monsterOr moment of panic, fun, huh?

Tonight I had one, slightly stressful, ok, very stressful! I couldn’t find my wallet. I know none of you have ever experienced that before, so you just wouldn’t understand what I went through. Did you like that bit of sarcasm? I thought it was pretty good!

So…what happened was this…after finishing work tonight, I went to meet PSM for dinner at The Friendly Toast, a wonderful place near him that we love. All was fine at dinner, I gave him a ride back to his house after and when we got there, his sister-in-law, JM was there. She’s taking a class in the area on Tuesdays so she stays with PSM on Monday nights.

She and I chatted after PSM went to bed and then I left to head home. I was at home, packing for my trip tomorrow, back to Buffalo, and as I’m getting everything ready, I can’t find my wallet. Now, this is not a large space, so where could it be? I have another story to tell you soon about where I am staying, but enough about that now.

I went through everything, every nook and cranny looking for my wallet, I remember having it, but not what happened with it when I got home. I normally keep things in one place, but as I am in a new place, not sure where that place is just yet.

I unpacked my bag and repacked it…twice, looked through the trash…twice, the bathroom…twice, the laundry…twice, everywhere twice, including the car, although that may have been three times, to no avail. I texted PSM and then threw caution to the wind…called him.

I am so sorry I woke him, but I am glad I did because it was at his house, thank goodness! I know he went back to sleep and he’s my hero of the day, he’s my hero of the day quite often, for little things, but he gets big superman props for this one!

Now, I can sit down, write to you, breath and get some sleep. whew…


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