Peaches Prattlings

{November 8, 2015}  

What is a relaxing Sunday?  Could someone explain it to me?

People experience international travel differently.  Some people get wiped out by jetlag, sometimes it hits later,  some people have trouble adjusting or readjusting to their time zone. When we were working on the plans for the trip, we decided to come back Saturday morning so we could chill and relax on Sunday.  Ha!

Apparently my internal clock is still 6 hours ahead. So,  after falling asleep about midnight 6am here) I felt the need to wake up at 3 am and apparently,  I’m not go back to sleep.

I stayed in and unpacked, cleaned up, all while binge watching ‘How to get away with Murder’. Dozed off one or three times!

PSM unfortunately woke up at 6am, ugh. He and Mollie when for some walks, then he picked me up and took me to GES’ house to pick up more stuff. Back to the apartment, unload the car , back to GES for dinner and catch up and more loading of the truck.

I love my greetings and catching up!

Back to the apartment, unload the truck, we’re getting there! PSM left so he could spend some time looking at the back of his eyelids.

Now,  at 12:30am it’s time for me to bid you a very good night.  It’s a work and school day tomorrow!



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